What does a Utah Mortgage Consultant do?

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To make things easier, a mortgage consultant is somebody who can play an important role in getting you through the mortgage or home loan process. They act as your intermediary with the bank or direct lender. These individuals are free agents who have access to several lending institutions and can get wholesale rates that are significantly lower than what individual home buyers can get. They often research opportunities to ensure that you find the right mortgage product you need at the terms that you want.

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Some of the services they can provide for you are things that will make your home loan or mortgage experience better like: explaining legal complications, helping you evaluate your circumstances and capability, assisting you to come up with the best repayment strategy, gathering and submitting needed documents, applying for a loan pre-approval, and offering you the best counsel regarding your transaction—in effect saving you as much money as possible. Their service fee is often paid by the lending company that you close a mortgage or home loan with. While you may find several individuals ready to offer to be of help to you, be careful to choose someone who will be your trustworthy and reliable partner in getting you what you want and who you can work with in the years to come.

Be aware that there are agents who are just out to take advantage of you and there are also those who can shortchange you. There are characteristics that can define a good mortgage consultant. One is being detail-oriented. With the many intricacies involved in the mortgage and home loan process, every last minute detail counts and can be a costly mistake if overlooked. He must also be a good listener. Your broker is your intermediary and must therefore be able to communicate and deliver what you have in mind. Other characteristics are straightforwardness and transparency. Keeping you informed and translating complicated mortgage vocabulary to your language is a must. And most importantly, he must have your best interest at heart.